Wall Mounted


Coming with a classic white and intricate design, this exquisite vanity comes with a main cabinet, wash basin and a high quality looking mirror.
It also comes with a strong shelf that is useful to placing different items of daily use for example makeup, perfumes, hair brush etc. Being corrosion-resistant and water-proof, this product is undoubtedly durable and long lasting. The Vanity is well mounted and the sturdy steel of this cabinet is stainless.

The Cabinet Size is 600 x 460 MM which gives enough room for you to place your necessary items in it. As the mirror size is 750 x 500 MM, therefore this vanity is average sized and is appropriate to be placed inside an average sized room. The frameless design of this beautiful vanity makes it perfect to be fitted in your washroom.
The shelf of this beautiful dressing table is made of stainless steel and high quality glass and is also silver in color. The fact that the wash basin is made out of pure ceramic proves that you can rely on the basin for its longevity and quality.

The flashy silver color of the cabinet makes it all the more attractive and alluring.

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