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Golde 600 MM

30,990.00 27,891.00

Size Specification

Main Cabinet : 600 x 460mm Mirror Cabinet : 600 x 800mm Shelf Size : 600 x 120mm Soft Close Door

Arto 600 MM

37,990.00 34,191.00

Size Specification

Main Cabinet :600 x 460mm Mirror Cabinet :600 x 800mm Shelf Size :600 x 120mm Side Cabinet :800 x 250mm Soft Close Drawer & Door Imelda is a stunning wall mounted vanity product for your house. It is consists of three main pieces; a stylish looking glass mirror, shelf and cabinet. Glass mirror has a majestic rose gold frame and measures 600 x 800 MM.

Arno 800 MM

44,990.00 40,491.00

Size Specification

Main Cabinet :800 x 460mm Mirror Cabinet :600 x 800mm Side Cabinet :800 x 250mm Shelf Size :800 x 120mm Soft Close Door Sometimes you just want a cool, unique approach to bathroom vanities. And this is the right product for you. Not only does it look amazing, but it brings in front a great combination of style and value.

4006(B) 600 MM

29,990.00 26,991.00

Size Specification

Main Cabinet :600 x 460mm Mirror Cabinet :600 x 800mm Shelf Size :600 x 120mm Soft Close Door Designed to fit inside small bathrooms, Tiziana comes with a minimalistic design to create a cosy look for your bathroom. This wall-mounted vanity comes in a unique combination of rose gold and white, with the main cabinet being rose gold and the wash basin made out of pure white ceramic.

4006 800 MM

35,980.00 32,382.00

Size Specification

Main Cabinet :800 x 460mm Mirror Cabinet :800 x 600mm Shelf Size :800 x 120mm Soft Close Door This wall-mounted vanity, Vittoria, speaks for its high quality and comes with a main cabinet, a looking mirror, shelf, side cabinet and a wash basin. Vittoria by Romania vanities will make sure to impress you.


36,410.00 24,274.00
Giorgia is a wall mount product; it has three pieces, a cabinet with wash basin, a looking mirror and a shelf. The lower part of this product has a cabinet. It also has a main cabinet which is rose gold in colour and made up of stainless steel of 304 grade.


45,040.00 30,027.00
If you’re looking for one of the most interesting bathroom vanity designs, this may very well be the best out there. It has a modern style and approach, all while offering you quite a lot of storage space for your entire family.

Select a Bathroom Vanity from our wide range of latest options. The Price of Bathroom Vanities will vary upon the types of models you have chosen like floor mounted or wall mounted. Make your Bathroom a stress free zone with our wide range of designs like counter top, table top, round hand wash basin, glass top, etc. You can Buy our Vanities with Main Cabinets, Shelf, Side Cabinets and looking mirrors. Our Modern and stylish designer sink can be used as well as in lobby, living room, dining room or hall of your home. Below are the images and list of our all new and fancy bathroom furniture unit which you can buy online with free shipping in all over India for your washroom.