Floor Mounted


Vittore is a vanity that comes with a reliable and strong main cabinet, a ceramic wash basin, a shelf and a looking mirror. Being a mixture of comfort and style, Vittore has been sculpted to perfection by our craftsmen who are committed to delight you with their expertise.
One of the most impressive vanities by Romania Vanities is Vittore which is an impressive vanity providing a lot of comfort and convenience to its users. This brown floor mounted vanity is suitable for equipping it with your toiletries like soap and towel.

Having this vanity in your bathroom is indeed a blessing as it will help you a great deal while getting ready in the morning. The main cabinet of this beautiful vanity is brown in color. It is made of stainless steel and has a size of around 600 x 460 MM.
Moreover, the mirror is huge and has a size of 800 x 600 MM. The brown frame of the looking mirror complements the entire brown color of vanity. Through its simple and minimalistic design that will suit a bathroom of any size, Vittore is indeed a special vanity by Romania Vanitiesthat is going to be a great addition in the ambiance of your bathroom.

Having a unique design and a high quality body, Vittore is indeed a reliable vanity suitable for your bathroom.

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