Wall Mounted


Giorgia is a wall mount product; it has three pieces, a cabinet with wash basin, a looking mirror and a shelf. The lower part of this product has a cabinet. It also has a main cabinet which is black in color and made up of stainless steel at 304 degree.
Main cabinet measures 600 x 400 MM in size which is spacious enough to easily store things.This product has a white shiningwash basin, made up of ceramics.

The black, elegant and attractive normal looking mirror measures 800 x 600 MM. The mirror is meant to mount above the cabinet and shelf. The shelf is placed in the middle of wash basin and the looking mirror, this shelf not only gives the product a better aesthetic look but makes it easier to use and keep handy things over it.
Shelf is made of up SS and glass, the measurement of the shelf is 600 x 120 MM. This beautiful product can add to aesthetic look of any place.

The outer part of the cabinet is black with brown stripes,which gives it an amazing artistic look.

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