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28,750.00 23,000.00
Picking a good design for your vanity can be tough. But that’s where this model comes into play. It brings you a great return on investment, all while still offering plenty of storage space. Gone are the days when you found it hard to get the storage space you needed.


31,875.00 25,500.00
If you want a simple bathroom vanity with a two-door cabinet, this model is for you. but the interesting thing is that below the mirror you have some additional storage space.


29,688.00 23,750.00
The best thing about this vanity is that it offers a very distinct, square themed approach that works extremely well. It does a very good job at bringing in quality visuals. And at the same time, the return on investment is a huge one.


28,063.00 22,450.00
This astounding cabinet offers you all the value and quality you want to have from something like this. Not only does it look amazing, but it offers that great range of features you always needed.


31,750.00 25,400.00
Offering you an extraordinary presence, this pure black vanity is going to change the ambiance of your bathroom altogether. In case you are looking for an out-of-the-box design, then this stylish, strong and exquisite cabinet.


28,063.00 22,450.00
Are you looking for a vanity that is an intelligent combination of stainless steel and ceramic? This floor-mounted vanity comes with a sturdy body, beautiful design, a roomy main cabinet, and a ceramic wash basin;everything you need in a vanity.


20,125.00 16,100.00
Designed to fit inside small bathrooms, Tiziana comes with a minimalistic design to create a cosy look for your bathroom. This floor-mounted vanity comes in a unique combination of black and silver, with the main cabinet being black and the wash basin made out of pure white ceramic.


28,063.00 22,450.00
Vittore is a vanity that comes with a reliable and strong main cabinet, a ceramic wash basin and a looking mirror. Being a mixture of comfort and style, Vittore has been sculpted to perfection by our craftsmen who are committed to delight you with their expertise.


31,750.00 25,400.00
If you’re hunting for something out-of-the-box to place in your bathroom, then Romania Vanities come with a wide range of diverse and stylish bathroom vanities, one of which is Vanessa.


20,125.00 16,100.00
This model does have one of the best designs. It comes with a lot of storage space. There is no window attached here, but you can easily get one separately if you want to.

Select a Bathroom Vanity from our wide range of latest options. The Price of Bathroom Vanities will vary upon the types of models you have chosen like floor mounted or wall mounted. Make your Bathroom a stress free zone with our wide range of designs like counter top, table top, round hand wash basin, glass top, etc. You can Buy our Vanities with Main Cabinets, Shelf, Side Cabinets and looking mirrors. Our Modern and stylish designer sink can be used as well as in lobby, living room, dining room or hall of your home. Below are the images and list of our all new and fancy bathroom furniture unit which you can buy online with free shipping in all over India for your washroom.